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Welcome to Submissive Wife! This site is dedicated to bringing you the hottest female sex slaves and sexually submissive wives in hardcore porn videos. If you like watching sexy MILF sluts in tight bondage forced into submission, or mature women at home subjected to spanking, whipping and hardcore anal training, then you have come to the right place. Just check out the posts below for the best submissive wife and female sex slave porn videos available!

Submissive Wife Forced to Suck Cock

Submissive Wife Forced

Forced Cock Sucking Video - Watch Here

In this video a submissive wife is forced to suck her husband's cock on a beach after he made her strip naked and chained her wrists and ankles. A good submissive wife should be trained to suck cock on demand – whatever the location or time. She should also expect to be made to deep throat her husband at any moment – if he makes her gag she must not complain but continue to allow him to fuck her throat until he is ready to reward her with a warm cum facial. This submissive wife is well trained and demonstrates exactly how a good wife should suck her husband's cock. Any wife who wishes to learn how to properly submit to their husbands should watch this video very carefully and take notes!

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Female Sex Slaves Bound and Chained

I know you guys love it when I post video downloads featuring female slaves bound and chained, so today I've got the first in a series of awesome erotic bondage videos for you to download. In these videos naked girls are tied up in tight bondage and made to masturbate while their masters watch. Seeing these hot chicks playing with their wet pussies, while tied up in ropes and unable to escape, is a sight that will have your cock harder than it's ever been. If you mange to make it to the end of these videos, without blowing a big load of cum into your hand, I'll be amazed...

Female Sex Slaves

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The first video in the series features this hot female sex slave being abused on the beach. She looks awesome bound in ropes and chained by her neck while her husband watches her masturbate. As she gets close to orgasm the husband takes out his cock and jacks off over her sexy naked body. Seeing her tightly bound and chained body as she plays with her pussy is really fucking hot and then seeing a big load of white cum sprayed over her sexy tied body is just the icing on the cake!

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Submissive Wife Training Video

This submissive wife training video shows this hot blonde wife receiving training from her husband. The sexy wife is chained up and humiliated as she is taught to obey her husband and master. And when she does not do as she is told quickly enough she receives some severe sexual punishment for her disobedience.

Submissive Wife Training

Submissive Wife Training - Watch Here

You can see here that the wife is made to kneel in front of the husband with a dog collar round her neck and nipple clamps applied to her sensitive nipples. The husband humiliates her and forces her to lick his feet before taking out his cock and making her lick that too. When she still fails to please him he forces her down in the sand and roughly penetrates her anus as her final sexual punishment.

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Helpless Submissive Sex Slave Tied Up

In today's video download a helpless submissive sex slave is tied up with ropes and left to masturbate in front of the camera. The sexy blonde slave in nylons has her tits and torso bound tightly - highlighting all of her sexy natural curves. You can clearly see the thick ropes pressing into her nylon covered pussy as she squirms against them.

Submissive Sex Slave

Submissive Sex Slave - Watch Here

This chick looks awesome tied up in ropes. I especially love the tightly bound tits and the ropes separating her ass cheeks and emphasising the shape of her pussy through the nylons. You can see the huge knot strategically placed to give pleasure and she is clearly turned on by being bound so tightly and helplessly.

There is nothing better than seeing a really hot babe tied up and looking so completely helpless. I'd love to jerk off over her and spray a big load of cum over her tightly bound body. And I'm sure you would too! You can jerk off over her right now by checking out her hot video on the link below...

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Submissive Female Slave Pussy Play Video

Today's video features a submissive female slave in a filthy pussy play video. This hot slave girl is seen playing with her tight pussy while tied up with ropes. The sexy bondage girl loves to finger her wet cunt and you can see just how much she loves it when she cums all over her fingers.

Submissive Female Slave

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This chick is another babe who just can't resist fingering her wet pussy while tied up with ropes. Her body is bound so tightly she can barely move but just enough of her lower arm is left free so she can reach her pussy and play with her slippery slit. As the tight ropes restrict her movement her hand works itself over her sopping gash, bringing her to an explosive orgasm. Seeing her body twitch against the ropes as she cums is an awesome sight. Check it out now on this link...

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